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Split Ends and Little White Dots on Hair?

Posted by [email protected] on October 16, 2011 at 10:35 PM

Split ends and little white dots on hair (Trichoptilosis and Trichorrhexis Nodosa) is the single most common complaint I get from the people in my chair. What is it, why do i have it, how do i prevent it how do i treat it when i have it and will you cut them off? To sum it all up- it can get real technical real quick with me and hair ;) -

What is it?

Split Ends are vertically broken hair up hair shaft in many different patterns,

The White Dots (most commonly) (a few variations) if looked at close in a microscope- real close- resemble two broom sticks smashed up against each other and are easily broken apart. Thus making more split ends. 

Why do i have it? Genetic, Hormonal Imbalance, Malnutrition and Enviornment. Take your pick :) 

How do i prevent it? Ahhh the best part of the whole blog! How specific should i be?

Lets start with genetic and hormonal- this is between you and your doctor make sure you are going to the doctor regularly and taking care of your health.  

Malnutrition: on top of drinking your water and taking your multivitamin more specifically some of the nutrients we need to build the strength (keratin)  as we grow the hair are amino acids (arginine and sulter containing cystine), copper and iron. 

Foods that are rich in these:

Seafood, organ meat, whole grains, nuts, legumes, raisins, chocolate-?:), cereal, yams,peas, red meat, white meat, dark leafy vegetables, fruits ( papayas, apples, coconut), soy protein, seeds, geletin, dairy, wheat germ, oat and granola.

 Enviornmental: All hair stress. remember everything is good *in moderation. Literally everything. Some examples- excessive brushing (no need for this) , excessive back combing (need to be gentle), stressed hairstyles (anything that pulls), the application of heat (use a professional heat protecting product i have lots to recommend), prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light (use a professional uv protecting product i have lots to recommend), head rolling and banging( satin pillowcase), salt water (apply deep conditioner before), excessive shampooing ( use a professional ph balanced shampoo that is formulated for your hair type i can help find one personal to you- no selenium shampoo) perming, bleaching, and coloring of hair needs to be done by an educated professional stylist like myself. 

Now how do i treat it once i have it? 

Watching your enviornmental stressers would be #1. Getting on a professional ph balanced shampoo and conditioner formulated for your hair type is a good start. Avoiding the harsh cheaper shampoo ingredients that really are affecting your hair's health. Using professional protecting products such as leave in conditioners, heat and UV protectants. Limiting your excessive styling. Using a professional deep conditioner on your hair once a week or more.

For the hair type that feels limp when deep conditioned- use a professional spray in reconstructor once a week or more. 

To have me analyse your hair, answer any questions or for feed back you can reach me at:

Anna Wong


[email protected]

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